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Salwar Kameez, although a North Indian dress, became very popular all over India due to its convenience and comfortability. In Kerala it is the most common casual and formal wear of young girls now.

Different styles of Churidars and Salwar Kameez are not only seen in towns, college campuses and offices, but even in remote villages of Kerala. Latest trends in Salwar Kameez are with embroidary, fabric painting, sequins works, cut works, stone and beed works, mirror works, etc.

Following are some graphically generated design ideas of churidar. They are not catalogue of any actual garments. is a fashion portal with academic interests in garment styles and trends. We do not produce or sell any textile or fashion products.

Churidar - 1
Churidar - 2
Churidar - 3
Churidar - 4

Churidar - 5
Churidar - 6
Churidar - 7
Churidar - 8

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Kerala Fashion - Salwar Kameez
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